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Yorkshire Centre March Issue

York Centre – March Issue 2021

The good news and bad news – bad news is it doesn’t look like there will be a spring start to all our runs, and Natter meetings. My feeling is it will be may at the earliest. The good news – it can only get better!

James Thornborough, member of the VoY Natter, has taken the time to do some detailed research on his MGC. With no Downton records to go on he has managed by contacting several owners and even ex-Downton staff, to ascertain that his car has a Dowton Stage 2 engine, despite having no official receipt, and even that the car was the last RHD car built – No.9092. It all adds that bit of history to the car. It’s taken a lot of e-mails and calls, but it was worth it.

South Yorkshire Natter is celebrating their 25th anniversary in March 2021; at the time of the formation it was led by Geoff Norcliffe, and appropriately so it is today. They continue with their successful Zoom meetings now concentrating compiling a list of member’s favourite MG activities and moments.

Other Natters seem to be ‘hunkering down’, so no news from them. I took the opportunity of a lovely sunny day to get my Midget and MGB out of the garage, and check plugs and levels before warming up both the engines. Sadly, here in the Pennines there is so much salt and grit on the roads, it would be foolhardy to take the cars out. (The Gritter Depot is only 400 yards from our home!)  Those of you that have had snow, should bear in mind it will take some heavy spring rain to get rid of all the residue

So here is a photo of the South Natter members tucking in to breakfast prior to another event in more “normal” times, and some other photos of summer picnics to cheer us up in these miserable times.


Ken Cothliff, Scribe Yorkshire Centre