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Yorkshire Centre Awards Recipients 2014

By 27/03/2015October 15th, 2015No Comments

The awards for 2014 to Yorkshire Centre members took place on the 8th March 2015 at the Dower House Hotel Knaresborough. After lunch the recipients were announced by Steve Dobson Yorkshire Centre Chairman and jointly presented by George Wilder MGCC Director and Alan Dakeyne Yorkshire Centre President.

Natter Awards

North Yorkshire Enthusiast: Kenning Trophy awarded to Nick Mann

South Yorkshire Enthusiast: Stross Trophy awarded to Steve & Marie Dobson

East Yorkshire Enthusiast: Bronte Trophy awarded to Ray Snowley

West Yorkshire Enthusiast: Paragon Trophy awarded to Mick Thorpe

Tiger Enthusiast: Rose Bowl Trophy awarded to Nick Thompson

Centre Awards

For outstanding contribution to the Yorkshire Centre: Airedale Trophy awarded to John Milner

Lady Enthusiast: Goathland Trophy awarded to Jill Thornton & Christine Moore

Centre Enthusiast: Howarth Trophy awarded to Ken Cothliff

Kimber Distance Trophy: awarded to Cliff & Janice Hobbs

Auto Sport: Uniflow Trophy awarded to Darren Porter

Contribution to Motor Sport: Paragon Team Trophy awarded to The Edinburgh Trial Marshalling Team

David Copeman, Pete Long, Steve Dobson, John Austerfield, John Milner, Malcolm Perry, Alistair Twiby & Geoff Norcliffe

Inter Natter Quiz: Patrick Heap Trophy awarded to South Yorkshire

Marshalling: Weir Head Trophy awarded to Robert Ingham

Chairman’s Pot: Richard Price Memorial Trophy awarded to  David Copeman & Geoff Norcliffe

The Photographic Competition Award: for best MG photograph taken during 2014

West Yorkshire

See gallery for photographs