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Vale of York-Lunchtime-Ken Cothliff

For the first time it rained on our parade! Still Bob Walker and Tony Hay rolled up in their pre-war ‘gems. We did our entry for the inter-natter quiz – rather difficult in some areas this time. Plans have been made for our Christmas Party this year on 21st December.

Next year we plan to run the “Canada Run” again – another opportunity to explore the old Bomber airfields around the Vale of York and northward. This run will be open to all members of the MGCC.

Happy Christmas to from all in the Vale Of York Natter

Ken Cothliff


Hi Folks,

Well for the first time on one of our Natter days – it poured down! Notwithstanding that some of us came in or MGs, most notably Tony Hay and Bob Walker in their pre-war ‘gems’. It was a wet drive home, and for me a bit of a challenge as Marmalade’s offside wiper came loose and I had to finish the journey without any.

Three teams competed for our entry in the inter-natter quiz, led by yours truly, Rick Illingworth, and Chas Hills. A valiant effort by all, and some really creative answers from Rick’s team on the picture quiz! (I didn’t know I looked like “Lightning McQueen!!). The results were not that much apart, but so as not to cause any embarrassment, I’ll advise the participants of the results individually.

We thanked Chas and Dave for putting together the ‘Battles’ Run. It was a success, and for some provided an opportunity to travel down previous unknown roads.

I mentioned the Classic Car Show, and whether we put a group together, but there seemed to be some indecision there. One can buy discounted tickets through the MGCC. A couple of us thought we might do it by train. I’ll make my decision in the next week – Sunday is out for me (Remembrance Day), so I’ll probably go by train from Leeds on the Friday, when its quieter.

I announced that I’ll organized the “Canada Run” next year around all the Canadian bomber bases in the Vale of York and Teeside – probably sometime in May – must need to check we don’t clash with other dates. I will need help on that if some of you could rally round. Going by previous experience we should get about 70+ cars.
See you all on November 16th.





Happy Driving!


Ken Cothliff, Natter leader