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Vale of York Lunchtime – Ken Cothliff

Well, it had to happen! After all those sunny meetings it was ‘bucketing’ down in November! Not to be deterred we had an excellent attendance, probably best yet, and we welcomed newcomers Bernard Meynell and his wife, from Middlesborough.

We have decided to plan three ‘day runs’ this coming year, Spring, Summer and Autumn, with different members taking a leading role. The summer one will be a shortened version of the route around the airfields in Yorkshire, which will be right through ‘our patch’, organized by yours truly. Dates will be released in the Spring.

Wonderfully our new guests won one of the Raffle prizes! We are also planning a visit to a new local classic car restoration company in the New Year, in time to get some ideas for the spring.

Next meeting Christmas party on 15 December, and first of the New Year 20 January. Happy Christmas to all from the Vale of York

Ken Cothliff, Natter leader