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Tiger (Lunchtime) Pete Welbourn

Thanks go to Terry for organising our May luncheon run “Holderness II”, this time a scenic tour of north Holderness to the Gardener’s Country Inn. The weather was not good, rain throughout the day, I chose to drive my old Mercedes coupe as it is better at keeping out the rain than the MGA, arriving at the meeting point I was humbled to see the TA, MGAs and MGBs being driven by my fellow travellers.


The route passed the memorial to Bomber Command 158 Squadron just outside Lisset, and as Terry wrote in his instructions “worth stopping for”. I know there are club members who know a lot more about their history than me, but briefly the squadron was based at Driffield during WW2 from where young men flew Wellington and Halifax bombers. I was going to include a photo but there are better images than my photo on the net.


Tiger Natters are held from 12:00 noon on the first Wednesday of the month at The Tiger Inn, Lairgate, Beverley, HU17 8JG.


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