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By 07/10/2015October 15th, 2015No Comments

The August luncheon run, following a route planned by Derek Tucker , was an enjoyable drive north west past Malton to Slingsby where we dined at the Grapes Inn, good food and pleasant staff so another pub that gets my recommendation for lunch out.


We had a good turn out for the run, the pub has a small car park so it was amusing to see it packed with a good selection of MG cars, two of which were newley restored and running in. Bill and Janet in their MG TC beautifully finished in Sequoia cream with maybe tan upholstery, (Janet named the upholstery colour, its’ not tan but that sounds better than brown), and Ian in his  nearly complete Iris blue MGA, just needs a few bits of chrome and a seat for Irene and it will be ready for LeJog.


Tiger Natters are held from 12:00 noon on the first Wednesday of the month at The Tiger Inn, Lairgate, Beverley, HU17 8JG.


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