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South Yorkshire Drive it Day

Drive it Day Runs 25 April 2021

Since 2005 the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) have been asking classic car owners to bring out their classic vehicles of all makes, shapes and sizes to participate in a National “Drive it Day”. This is in celebration of the 1,000 mile trial organised in 1900 to show that motor driven vehicles had “arrived”. Under normal circumstances Classic Car Clubs and some more modern car groups organise their own events to go to with a run round classic roads and scenery. Unfortunately due to the Covid Pandemic generated rules and restrictions it has not been possible to instigate such events for 2020 and 2021. However this year, as some of the restrictions had been removed by the Governments of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland unorganised support for “Drive it Day” was allowed where individuals could arrange to meet and drive a given route of their choice so long as they abide by the rules and restrictions imposed at the time.

Thankfully that allowed members of the MGCC South Yorkshire Natter to offer its members an opportunity to join in sensible sized groups and spend the day out in their MG’s touring a route or event that suited them.

One such group involved 6 of the SY Natter members agreeing to meet at the Fox Valley Centre at 1000 before setting off on a decent 75 mile  run around Yorkshire and Derbyshire’s splendid country roads. The first stop was only a short distance from Fox Valley in order to utilise the scenery and architecture around the Dam wall end of Langsett Reservoir to show off the cars as can be seen above and below.

The six cars were assembled in their “running order” with Malcolm Perry’s beautiful MG YB ahead of Malcolm Dodd’s MGB (a new SY Natter member), Mike Breedon’s MGB

GT V8, Keith Pinder’s MGA Tourer, Norrie & Karen McReedie’s MGB and Vaughan & Glenys Rich’s MGA Coupe.

Following that, the pace and the route were determined by Malcolm and his YB across the moors past Upper Midhope, past the well known Strines Pub and onto the A57 towards Lady Bower before turning left heading towards Bamford on to Hope and the Blue John Mines via Winnits Pass, a steep twisting decent of incredible scenery which is a very good test of any classic car brakes!!

So far we have not stopped for a coffee and a scone, most unusual for the SY Natter!!! After touring round the roads near the Mam Tor, Blue John Mines and Treak Hill Cavern area we headed for Sparrowpit and joined the A623 along which we finally stopped at the Old Hall Hotel and Tea Rooms for a cuppa and scone. Needless to say after such a long run, it was some time before we actually got round to dividing up to sit at different tables and order drinks, other actions had much needed priority first!!!

It was also good to see the Old Hall Staff were sticking to the Covid rules very well with masks and even as some of the car occupants finally got chance to stretch their legs at their chosen tables, the Inn staff asked us all to remain seated unless we were going somewhere as per current rules, good to see.

After the cuppa and a bite to eat, 3 cars and their occupants went their own way whilst three others headed off towards Dungworth to the “Our Cow Molly” Ice Cream establishment. Here the ice cream is made on sight from their own cows and had been tipped as being very good by Malcolm and Denise Perry who had been here several times. Once again, queuing was done to the current Covid rules along with masking up and limited numbers actually allowed in one way and out another to get served. Malcolm was absolutely right, ice cream was well worth waiting for!! After the Ice cream the remaining 3 cars made their own way back home, the end of a great day out and a chance to get the MG’s out and back to feeling “old normal” once more, it has been a while!!! 5 of the 6 drivers would like to thank Malcolm & Denise Perry for sharing the route with us and for leading us round so we did not have to use a route book or any written instructions, Malcolm & Denise new the route very well and so we could all just enjoy the scenery and the sunshine.

Other SY Natter members who were also

out and about in their cars were;

Julian and Marjorie Rogan enjoyed a drive to Beningbrough Hall in their MGB GT for the day.

John Laws, a new SY Natter member, who took his MGB to Clumber Park for the day.

Article written by Mike Breedon