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South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire – Geoff Norcliffe

July events kicked off with one of our evening runs starting from Tickhill and finishing in Hatfield following a 27 mile route around Doncaster area villages. Some of the roads may have been straight but the undulations reminded us that they were built on peatland moor. The Chinese Banquet went down well at the end and the food lure kept everyone’s focus on the road book.

Some of us visited the Classic Vehicle event at Newby Hall and MG provided the highest number of the marques assembled. Yorkshire, including our President, and Tyne Tees Centres had many members in attendance.

By mid month we enjoyed the Chill weekend at Haxey. The event has been organised by John and Debbie Austerfield for many years and by finding different venues each time have kept the event fresh and appealing. Thanks to them for their efforts, we really appreciate it.