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Natter News

North – Ken Cothliff

October’s meeting had a job to do. With the re-organisation of the annual Yorkshire Area Inter-Natter quiz, our group had to take part in the quiz placed by Area Secretary, John Milner. There had been difficulty in getting members from all Natters to one location for a quiz night, so the Area Committee set the quiz, to be sent round to each Natter for the members to do. Our group broke down into five groups of four, and whichever group did best – that was the entry. Mike, Val, Ken and Julie won, so theirs is the entry.

The sales of our Natter’s canvas bags , promoted by Mike Payne, and eager snapped up at recent runs, has been so popular, Mike has been contacted by Howard Quayle, who was at the Dales Run, and he has bought a further supply to take to MGCC China on a forthcoming trip.

The end of season run attracted 19 entries and £255 was raised for our Cancer Charities.

Finally a week after the meeting, seven North Yorkshire Cars and their drivers supported the West Yorkshire  Natter’s MGCC 85th birthday run around the western parts of the county on a fine sunny afternoon.