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North July Notes

July Natter Notes North Yorkshire – Jeff Marsden

Not a lot to report so far but we raced the MGB at the 3 hour relay at Donington and ended up mid field having had a misfire at 5000rpm having followed the safety car for a few laps. Eventually traced it down to a faulty rotor arm or distributor cap, having changed the plugs and coil and checked both fuel pumps. Unfortunately our other team member was shunted in the rear at the chicane by an over-enthusiastic TVR driver.

This coming weekend we shall be having our BBQ followed on the Sunday by the Compass Run ending up in Richmond.

Some of our Natter will be participating in the North East’s Prince Bishops Run as an alternative to the Compass.

We shall all be looking forward to our first Natter in August when we can discuss what we haven’t been doing in lockdown or perhaps what we have done to improve our MG’s