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Nomination Name: Paul Croft Membership Number: 97790

When I re-joined the MG Car Club 15 years ago, I had a choice of Natters to attend, near to where we live. The MGCC North Yorkshire Natter is based in a Country pub with excellent food and beer!
When I joined them, Mike Payne was coming to the end of his tenure as Natter Leader.
Paul Croft took over as Natter Leader after Mike. He was very supportive to Mike and arranged many of the Natter events and runs.
Paul is the epitome of a ‘safe pair of hands’. He has a lovely manner about him, while others about get upset, Paul brings a charm business head to the proceedings.

Like any good Leader, he has done most things for the Natter and Centre.
This includes the following:

• Past MG Car Club North Yorkshire Natter Leader for 10 years (no one would take on the roll)
• Currently Organiser for the MG Car Club Yorkshire Centre ‘Dales Run’. This is the Yorkshire Centres biggest fund raiser for the Yorkshire Centre. Paul has been dealt with everything from Route Planning, MSA approval to taking bookings. The most impressive part is that he has done this for 14 years.
• Paul has produced many Runs for the Club over many years. A couple including The ‘Compass Run’ where all Yorkshire Members meet at one central point. The End of Season Run in 2109, Paul arranged for us to drive to and visit Thorpe Perrow Arboretum in the Yorkshire Dales.
• Currently Deputy North Yorkshire Natter Leader.
• He has organised many visits/tours, the one’s that come to mind are: Rolls- Royce/Bentley, BMW Mini, Morgan, JCB and a tour of Saltaire, a World Heritage Site.

Paul and his wife Rosemary have been very supportive to me in running the Natter.
The hard part is to stop him and Rosemary volunteering for everything. Impressive for a couple in their 70’s.

The MG Car Club Yorkshire Centre Dales Run takes a lot of organising, which Paul does without fuss. The Rest of the Natter mainly gets involved on the day, when we can have over 100 MG’s taking part, so generally over 200 Guests/Members. To have done this for over 14 years is impressive in in its own right, deserving of the ‘Marque of Friendship’.

Colin Brear.

Colin Brear, Chairman MG Car Club Yorkshire Centre and North Yorkshire Natter Leader.