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Alan Dakeyne being presented with his Mark of Friendship Award

Alan’s Car history.

Bought his first MG, a TB, around 1954 when he was a student.  This saw him through into early married life when he sold it for £180.  Bought his second MG, the VA he still owns, in 1966 when his oldest son was one year old.  Bought his third MG, the ZB Varitone which he also still has, in 1974.  Later, in 1980, he added a BGTV8 and this too still forms part of the Dakeyne stable.


 Alan joined the MGCC in 1958 and he knew all the ‘Old School’ MGCC luminaries – Sid Beer, John Thornley, ‘Pop’ Howarth and, of course, Jack Armstrong Alan was NE Secretary from 1965 to1976 when Jack was Chairman Alan then became Chairman from 1976 to 1986 he was a very keen rally enthusiast in the 50’s. He won the Howarth Trophy several times when it was a serious competition.

Alan was instrumental in the devolution/evolvement of both the Tyne Tees and Lincolnshire Centres and the continued success of the Yorkshire Centre.

Along with two other NE Centre enthusiasts, Tony Silcox and Tony Margel, Alan became an RAC registered timekeeper (Alan on the highest scale).  He officiated at many MGCC speed events (Topcliffe, Elvington, Baitings Dam, Croft, and Lotton Park etc.) and some international events – RAC, Mintex etc., even Bramham Horse Trial when Princess Ann was competing!

He took his VA to Hausach, the very first International MG event and has supported countless events all over the UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia and America making lifelong MG friends

He is always one of the first to talk to new members of all ages and pass on his wealth of knowledge of the Yorkshire Centre and the MGCC as a whole.

He has been President of the Yorkshire Centre for some years and carries the title with great pride and enthusiasm.