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Luffield Cars/MGCC Speed Championship Curborough: Report by David Coulthard

By 16/04/2015October 15th, 2015No Comments

12th April 2015

 The Curborough sprint circuit, in both its single and double lap formats, has been a long standing fixture of the Luffield Cars / MGCC Speed Championship. However, the recent introduction of the ‘Cross Over’ resulting in the creation of the ‘Figure of Eight’ course, has added a new dimension to an old favourite. The new section means that cars approach the two hairpins at each end of the track (one now taken in the ‘wrong’ direction) at much greater speed, leading to an even greater technical challenge. Some of us simply found remembering where we were on the track challenge enough!

  I am pleased to report that Andy Walker escaped injury, when the B V8 slammed into the barrier and rolled, as it exited the curving Start Line “Straight” during Practice. Andy walked away from the car, but I’m sure he was sore on Monday morning. The car sustained substantial damage. We look forward to seeing Andy and Nick back on track very soon.

 Being a ‘new’ course, scores were a little irrelevant, with most drivers scoring 98.00. Class 1A was mainly populated with by K-Series cars. However, Ted Roberts and Phil Smith were out in Midgets, and both improved as the day progressed. For the on-the-day class win, it was ZR160 v F/TF160, which ended in favour of the saloon. In the F/TF battle, the four sports cars of David Jones, Michael Marsland, Colin Pattinson and Ian Howlett were separated by just a couple of seconds. The MGF of Ian came out on top with a 73.23. In the ZRs, Helen Waddington won her personal battle with the lady driver of a very powerful Clio, whilst Nick Arnold got the better of Graham Cherry in the shared ZR160, by just over half a secondI took the win on 71.82. All alone in Class 1B, Tim Kirkham got the ZS round in 73.67. Class 1C was a tight battle between the BGT mounted Mike Cole and Richard Withers. Richard got the win by a third of a second, on a 69.28. John Payne’s Sprite was a little adrift on a 71.14.

 The MMM class fell to Martin Price in the TA, with an 84.32 ahead of the PA of Howard Harman, whilst in 2A, John Payne got his Midget round in 70.70. Meanwhile, in Class 3A, John Hawley’s 69.45 got the better of the Frogeye driving James Thacker, by just over a second.

 Whilst the new track caught out a few drivers, overall, it was very well received. However, I still felt guilty about driving the wrong way up the finish line straight…