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January 2019 Notes

North-Nick Mann

November saw a slightly depleted membership enjoying video footage of memorable car chases immortalised on the silver screen. The two highlights were the car chase from the film Bullit, and a splendid piece of film featuring Sir Stirling Moss on the Pirelli Classic Marathon driving an MGB in the most notorious of liveries, red body and white roof. Plenty of dewy eyed members enjoying that one even if  the sight of Sir Stirling in shorts no less proved perhaps less popular! Thanks to Paul Croft for providing the technology to view this archive footage and let’s hope we can experience further iconic celluloid masterpieces in the future. Now where did I put my VHS copy of the Italian Job?

South Yorkshire – Geoff Norcliffe

Happy New Year! But I don’t know where the last one went. There were many date clashes in the broader MG/Classic Car world and inevitably we had to miss out on some events. Right now the Centre Committee is working on selecting the best calendar for our main events and each natter is preparing their own calendar for more localised events, so keep checking here and on the website to get the best out of 2019.


East-Brian Rylance

All quiet on the Eastern Front.  The Christmas Run and Lunch arrangements now set, the last organised by Gill and Greg.  Chris and Adrian take over in the new year.

Ray Snowley has been working on an increase in the number of daytime runs.  

West-David Copeman

Carol & I wish a Happy New Year to everyone and hope we all have a very eventful 2019 MG-ing, and that our MG’s may run trouble free?

Our December Faith Supper was well attended a great start to the Christmas festivities.

Next month on Sunday 17th February will be the annual Awards Lunch.

The following month Tuesday 19th of March will be the Yorkshire Centre’s AGM when we will be welcoming in a NEW CHAIRMAN?

Tiger Natter

Not a lot to say this month as regards MG events and cars, and looking back I cannot find a 2017 note to copy so it must always be a slow month. Although this year I drummed up some enthusiasm for our part in the centres quiz, and then took Mel away for a couple of weeks in the sun and entrusted Keith with it, cheers Keith.

Tiger Natters are held from 12:00 noon on the first Wednesday of the month at The Tiger Inn, Lairgate, Beverley, HU17 8JG.

Contact Pete or Mel 01964 550693 or

Monthly report Vale of York Natter MGCC

A quiet meeting this month, mostly arranging things for the Christmas party. However, we have decided that our main event for 2019 will be a run through “Heartbeat Country” to be held on the Whitsun weekend at the end of May. We now have a Deputy Natter Leader; Rick Illingworth.

A unanimous decision was to have a January Natter meeting, unless weather, or anything else gets in the way. Some members expressed interest in going on the Caledonian three day run, but your scribe cannot manage it this year.

Christmas greeting for all at the Vale of Yorks Natter, and if you feel like joining us for a lunchtime drink on a Thursday, we hope to see you in 2019

Ken Cothliff