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In Memory of Brian Lewis

A “THANK YOU” Letter from Val Lewis.


As some people from the MGCC Yorkshire Centre and specifically the South Yorkshire Natter, will recall, we had the pleasure of Brian and Valerie Lewis as members of our Natter for many years. In fact, for those who do not know, Brian and Valerie, as well as being stalwart members of the MGCC Yorkshire Centre as a whole, were instrumental in helping to establish the South Yorkshire Natter from the very beginning 25 years ago when supporting Geoff Norcliffe to get it started. Since then, they both supported the SY Natter in many ways until sadly Brian passed away earlier this year. A request was made to put on a run and an event in memory of Brian and his support to the South Yorkshire Natter, which was organised to include a 50 mile pre-planned route and an entry to the newly opened Great British Car Journey venue in Ambergate, Derbyshire. The run and event were very well supported by 32 MGCC Members and 16 cars, a fitting tribute to a well liked and appreciated member of the MGCC and of the South Yorkshire Natter.

Brian’s wife Val was a passenger in Geoff’s car for the event on the day and has since sent me a hand-written letter vial Royal Mail, which she wants to be seen by all the MGCC and especially the South Yorkshire Natter Members, expressing her thanks and gratitude to all the members for their kind words and support following the death of Brian.

I have taken the liberty of re-producing the words of Valerie’s handwritten letter here to make it easier to distribute to MGCC and SY Natter Members as an email attachment. Should anyone wish to see a scanned copy of the original letter, please feel free to contact me and I will send a copy via email to anyone who requests it.  My email address is as follows;


 Letter content as I received it from Valerie Lewis;-

Dear friends,

 I wanted to write and thank you all for your kind words and support following the death of my husband, Brian.

 Brian and I loved being members of the MG Car Club and we thoroughly enjoyed all the runs and Natters we attended.

 Brian would have loved the run that was organised in his memory and I am so grateful to so many of you for coming along.

 It was a tricky day emotionally of course but a lovely way to celebrate Brian and his links with the MG Car Club.

 Once again, many thanks to all of you and the club for your support over this difficult period.

 Yours truly,

 Valerie Lewis

Mobile;-          07947 734003     Email; –