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Compass Run to the Yorkshire Farming Museum

29/07/2018 all-day
Yorkshire Farming Museum
Murton Ln
York YO19 5UF

This year organised by East Yorkshire.                                                                                                                          Each natter will organise their own run to the venue

Members are invited to this year’s Compass Run meeting together at The Yorkshire Museum of Farming. Entry to the museum is free for driver and one passenger, an entry saving of £14 for 2 adults.
Each natter may organise their own run to the event so contact your natter leader.  East Yorkshire natter are meeting at the newly opened Zoom Zoom Cafe at South Cave HU15 2JQ  at 9.30 am.
As we are require to marshal the event please try to arrive at the museum between 12.30 and 13.30 and follow the instructions of the marshals to our designated parking area. The Farmhouse Kitchen Cafe will be open for refreshments.

Photographs of previous Yorkshire Centre visit.