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Centre Notes for September



 Vale of York End Ken Cothliffe  –  A disappointing turnout at the Natter, just 6 members plus guests. Tyne & Tees Noel Lindford and… Continue reading

East Yorkshire Run

We had an excellent turn out today for the East Yorkshire group’s run and fun. Once again organised by Ray Snowley with the run based at Foreman’s Garage, a bacon bap to start with and jacket potatoes at the finish.… Continue reading

Centre Notes for August


Vale of York –  Ken Cothliff

Our very first run after all the Covid lockdown periods intervened was The Compass Run to Richmond on 1st August. After all the preparation by the Vale of York Natter members… Continue reading

In Memory of Brian Lewis

North July Notes

July Natter Notes North Yorkshire – Jeff Marsden

Not a lot to report so far but we raced the MGB at the 3 hour relay at Donington and ended up mid field having had a misfire at 5000rpm having followed… Continue reading

South July Notes

July Natter Notes South Yorkshire – Mike Breedon.

July saw the South Yorkshire Natter open up activities to the limits allowed by the latest Covid Restrictions and advice. One major difference was finally being able to put together an event… Continue reading

East July Notes

East Yorkshire July Natter Notes – Bryan Rylance

For the East Yorkshire Natter, congratulations go to Bryan Rylance who did exceptionally well in the MGCC MG Painting Challenge to have his painting of a 1934 MG K3 chosen to be… Continue reading

Vale of York July Notes

July Natter Notes end of July Vale of York – Ken Cothliff

Natter Members will be attending the Newby Hall Meeting organised by the NE Classic Car Group on 18 July, our first major show in over a year. Then,… Continue reading

Marque of Friendship David Copeman

Nomination Name: David Copeman Membership Number: 91573

I re-joined the MGCC over 15 years ago, which had changed from the North East Centre to the Yorkshire Centre. Personally I have had many positions in the Yorkshire Centre and I’m currently… Continue reading