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24/39 Group 91st Anniversary Run-Terry Hartley

By 31/10/2021November 14th, 2021No Comments

First off, thank you for participating in our MGCC Yorkshire Centre 24/39 Group celebration of the Club’s 91st Anniversary on Sat 16th October, I hope you enjoyed our little event. Also, a big thank you to Tony and Judith Margel for plotting the scenic route for us that included some ‘interesting’ roads.

 Attempts to carry out a run to celebrate the MGCC’s 90th YEAR had to be cancelled in 2020 due to Covid restrictions. Not to be deterred, it was eventually celebrated, now as the “90 (+1) year celebration run” in the Southern Yorkshire Dales on 23rd October 2021. Several members from other Natters including the Vale of York saw 12 different models provide a great mix of MG’s to represent the 91 years, the maximum allowed without having to apply for a Motor Sports Licence. The event was a 56 mile prepared route starting at the Scott’s Arms, Sicklinghall, Car park (the 24/39 Natter venue), taking in some fantastic single track and narrow roads through the stunning Southern Dales countryside, villages, past reservoirs and lakes before finishing back at the Scott’s Arms for a well deserved and excellent lunch. The presentation and standard of the 24/39 group of cars is a credit to each of the owners/drivers enthusiasm and commitment to keep these older MG’s running and driven so they can be seen and appreciated by others.

 On the day we were joined by Mike Breedon from South Yorkshire natter who took some photos of us and our cars out on the run and at The Scotts Arms.